Carbine Fundamentals Course

My most requested course is finally here!!

This is the course you all have been asking for and it will cover EVERYTHING you've wanted from safety, to advanced drills, and more.  

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Learn the Fundamental Knowledge to Become Safe and Efficient with the Rifle

This course is packed with in-depth videos that cover a variety of topics and techniques.

It starts with a heavy focus on safety and fundamentals, then as you progress through the course you will progress with the rifle. Then you'll advance through technical aspects and be tested through proven drills that I have used over the years in my training. 

I utilize time domain drills to add stress to your training. I am a firm believer that we all need to incorporate stress into our training, so when it is time, we can think clearly and react appropriately. If this is your first time working with the carbine then be patient, it will come in time and if you are more experienced then get after the drills and most importantly train safely.

Here's Everything you Get When you Purchase Today:

19 Video Lessons

Progressive training videos that build off of each other. In each video I explain in detail the specific technique + follow up with some drills to reinforce the technique. I also go into the mindset, responsibility, and more! 

With 19 training videos this is my most comprehensive course yet. 

[$699 Value]

Training that Covers: 

- Carbine Safety
- Carbine Fundamentals
- Shooting positions
- Weapon Malfunctions
- Carbine Manipulation
- Carbine / Pistol Drills
[$200 Value]

A Free Month Inside KDS Teams

In this community you'll have access to personal feedback, live Q+A's with myself, and constant opportunity to engage and discuss on a private platform. 

You can think of this as a better, more VIP version of a Facebook group. 

[$19.99 Value]

Regularly:  $918
Now on Sale for $200

Your Coach Travis Kennedy


Travis Kennedy was stationed at SEAL Team Four where he completed three successful combat deployments to Afghanistan. Additionally he went on to become a Basic Underwater Demolition/Seal (BUD/s) instructor and was able to develop and mentor future SEALs while simultaneously completing his Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice. Shortly after, he served as the leading Chief Petty Officer running the Special Operations Urban Combat training division.

In April 2019, Travis separated from the military in order to follow his next calling of giving back, teaching, and mentoring others.

He does this by applying his 11 years of experience as a United States NAVY SEAL to educate and train individuals on defensive shooting tactics and instilling the “Thinking Shooter” mindset.

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“KDS is a company based on operational knowledge which translates as safe usage and competency. Ownership of a firearm requires a responsible approach to the discipline and proper handling methods and etiquette. For women this is critical. if you have low self confidence in your firearm use, reach out to Travis for guidance. His training will assist you in developing your personal protection needs for you and your family and to hone your proper use and skills. If you own a firearm and have not had expert instruction I suggest you work with Travis who will mentor you to develop new skills and further your confidence in managing your role as a firearm owner. His style of instruction is a relationship of trust. I highly recommend this instructor, he cares about his students..”

- Shawn Alladio

“Best course I’ve had to date!!! I’ve had extensive military training and several courses provided to me but all have seemed to focus on one aspect and once you reach/meet standards you’re done.”

-Chris Hawthorne

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