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Providing high-level defensive weapons and tactics training.

Focused on the importance of shooting fundamentals and firearms safety.

Travis trains his clients on the “Thinking Shooter” mindset acquired through his years as a NAVY SEAL Operator.

Our Mission

To develop efficient, confident, skilled shooters through online and individualized, personal defensive firearms training.

  • Attitude

    We welcome obstacles as an opportunity for growth and new perspective. We believe in forging an attitude of “I will” and committing fully to your actions.

  • Integrity

    Conduct every action with the highest moral and ethical standards.

  • Continuous Improvement

    We are never stagnant in our quest to learn and improve every single day.

Our Programs

Kennedy Defensive Solutions offers professional online training.

Each course is unique and will give you insights that have only been acquired through Travis Kennedy's 11 years as a NAVY SEAL operator. 

Travis served as the leading Chief Petty Officer running the Special Operations Urban Combat training division. He focused on urban combat tactics, combat shooting, and professional development.

In April 2019, he separated from the military in order to follow his next calling of giving back, teaching, and mentoring others so they may grow individually and professionally.

Train Safe. Train Often. Train Hard.


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